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What is Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without using soil also known as Soil Less Farming. This technique instead uses a mineral nutrient solution in a water solvent, allowing the nutrient uptake process to be more efficient than when using soil.

Hydroponics possesses several advantages over a soil medium. Unlike plants grown in soil, plants grown in a hydroponics system do not need to develop extensive root structures to search for nutrients. It is easier to test and adjust pH levels. In the hydroponics method, plants are raised in an inert and perfectly pH balanced growing medium where the plants only need to expend minimal energy to acquire nutrients from the roots. The energy saved by the roots is better spent on fruit and flower production.

Better Taste & Size

More Shelf Life

More Nutritious

Pesticide Free

Pollution Free

Latest Technology


Polyhouse is used to provide a controlled temperature and/or humidity, protection from intense heat, bright sunlight, strong winds, hailstones, cold waves and pest infestation. This allows vegetables to be grown at times usually considered off season hence yielding better profits.

Coco peat

Coco peat is an organic growing medium, having high water holding capacity. its excellent properties make it best hydroponic medium. It is organic, has high Cation Exchange Capacity, good drainage / aeration and acceptable EC/pH.

Sensors & Mobile App

Latest Technologies Available at Farm - Climate / Soil / Crop sensors, Field Documentation and Analytics, Automatic Hyper Precision Fertigation System, Online / Mobile App Irrigation.

The Team

Lalit Dhingra

A man full of ideas, he is a serial entrepreneur with various successful ventures and commendable experience in the real estate industry. Possessing excellent leadership qualities and a strong sense of business acumen, he is heading the 'Strategy & Investment'.

Ravi Taneja

A passionate entrepreneur with over 2 decades of varied experience in IT, power and corporate finance. With nature being the key to his soul and keen interest in developing economically viable projects in Precision Farming he is heading the core areas of 'Strategy and Operations'.

Kunal Taneja

A young entrepreneur with valuable corporate experience. Having ancestral linkage to agriculture in north India, has a vision to integrate technological advancements to the raw inheritance. With a strong vision of success and zeal to achieve his goals, currently heading 'Operations'.